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    MountainHouse has been recording and mixing in the historic Sound West Recording Studio in Tacoma Washington, for the past 7 years, while the studio has been in operation since 1972. 


    At MountainHouse we strive to create the perfect marriage between analog and digital recording. Andrew Nalty, our lead engineer strives to get the best representation of your sound. With Andrews talent, and the studios grand arsenal of vintage gear and cool stuff, you can finally get that tone and quality you've been searching for.


     We track and mix using the DAW Cubase 9 paired with an Antelope Orion 32 connected to the TS12 mixing console. We are fully capable of doing a live recording session, or going fully in depth with track by track recording. Sound West has a great live room that can help to get some stellar tones. Next to the live room, we have a long hallway to catch some great natural reverb. This natural reverb is great on for drums, acoustic guitar's, vocals, and just about anything you can think. Along with recording and mixing your music, we also have the capability to give you a full live video for streaming or a music video.


Interested in coming in for a studio tour, or want to inquire about rates?

Email us at or call (253) 820-3024.


MountainHouse #micoftheday _ _sony C-37 - Variable directional tube mic - Circa 1966 _ It's Andrews
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